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Pursuing academic and athletic excellence


By providing financial assistance to students for activity fees, we ensure that every student who wants to join a team can do so– whether that be sports teams or activity-based clubs. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities regardless of their financial situation. 

The research is in

After-school athletic programs have been shown to decrease crime, drug use, and teen pregnancy. Additional data shows an increase in high school graduation rates and college enrollment of those involved in extracurriculars. After-school programs help to provide students an opportunity for academic enrichment, athletic growth, and can even include involvement in community service.

A well-rounded education

Student involvement in extracurricular programs is vital to a meaningful, well-rounded education.

Supporting our kids

Since 2003, this program has benefited nearly 8,000 middle and high school youth.

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How it works

Eligibility for activity fee assistance is based on income guidelines associated with the Free & Reduced Meals Program, which serves 46% of all district students, though some schools exceed 80%. Students seeking financial aid should contact their school’s athletic director, coach, or administration office.

Help transform our schools


Supporting public education can make a world of difference for students and educators alike. Whether donating, attending events, or joining our team of passionate volunteers, you’ve got a place with us.

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